LOS ADJETIVOS – Adjectives

Hello and welcome! Today we're going to learn about adjectives.  Adjectives are words used to describe something, to explain its features or characteristics. In English, adjectives are usually written before a noun or after using the verb "to be". It doesn't work the same way in Spanish, or at least, not 100%. How to use... Leer más →

VERBO SER – Verb «to be»

Hello and welcome! Today we're going to learn about one of the most important and useful verbs: the verb "ser", which can be compared to the verb "to be" in English. Now, one cannot say that "to be" and "ser" are exactly the same, because they're not. There are different situations in which you could... Leer más →

ARTÍCULOS DEFINIDOS – Definite articles

What are these? Definite articles are written before a noun to give us information about it. In this case, using a definite article means that we know which "thing" we are talking about. In Spanish, we use definite articles in the same situation, but these work a little bit differently.  There is a very important... Leer más →

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