EL MATERIAL – Materials, resources.

Hello and welcome!

Today we’re going to learn some vocabulary related to stationery items that you might use when you study.

Here you have a list of words that might be useful. Pay atention to the definite articles and remember that they give you information about the number and gender of the noun.

  • El libro (masculine, singular)→ The book
    • Los libros (masculine, plural)→ The books
  • El cuaderno → The notebook
    • Los cuadernos → The notebooks
  • La carpeta (feminine, singular)→ The folder
    • Las carpetas (feminine, plural)→ The folders
  • Las tijeras (feminine, plural) → The scissors
  • El bolígrafo (masculine, singular) → The pen
    • Los bolígrafos (masculine, plural) → The pens
  • El lápiz (masculine, singular) → The pencil
    • Los lápices (masculine, plural) → The pencils
  • El subrayador (masculine, singular) → The highlighter
    • Los subrayadores (masculine, plural) → The highlighters
  • La goma de borrar (feminine, singular) → The eraser
    • Las gomas de borrar (feminine, plural) → The erasers

That’s it for today! A short post but I hope it was useful. You’ll have more posts soon this week!

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See you soon!
¡Hasta pronto!

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