CONSTRUYENDO ORACIONES – Building sentences.


Today we’ll learn a few basic things about sentence building in Spanish. Don’t worry if you see words you don’t know the meaning of yet, this post is just to help you have a general idea on how you have to build the sentences.

The basics

The basic sentence structure is subject + verb + object.
Yo soy alta (I am tall)

Of couse, sentences will usually be longer than that, adding more parts to it.

Subject + verb + object (place and time)
Tú llegarás a casa mañana. (You’ll arrive home tomorrow)

And the subject can also be formed by more than just a personal pronoun.
Mi perro marrón ladra cuando se asusta. (My brown dog barks when he gets scared)

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of information a person can give you with a sentence. Some might be way longer than these, but we should start with simple ones, so we won’t see longer sentences for now.


I’ll give you now some sentences with different colors for each part, so you can understand better how basic sentence building works in Spanish. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the vocabulary yet.

  1. Mi padre es alto. (Mi father is tall)
  2. La mujer canta en su habitación. (The woman sings in her room)
  3. El perro ladra. (The dog barks)
  4. Su hermana baila en el salón. (His/her sister dances in the living room)
  5. La gallina no vuela. (The hen doesn’t fly)
  6. María es mi hermana. (María is my sister)
  7. María y Juan son hermanos. (María and Juan are siblings)
  8. Mis amigos son listos. (My friends are smart)
  9. Yo como sopa. (I eat soup)
  10. Ellos tienen un coche. (They have a car)

That’s it for today! Next post will have some vocabulary so you can start practicing with verbs and creating sentences.

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¡Hasta pronto!

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