Let it snow❄

Today’s post was supposed to be completely different, but the weather inspired me. I bring you a short post with some snow related vocabulary!

«La nieve» means «the snow» in Spanish. It’s a feminine and singular noun. If you remember last post, that means we must use the feminine and singular article, «la».

«La nieve es blanca»
-(The) Snow is white.

Icons from Flaticon.com by Good Ware, Surang, Freepik and Freepik respectively.
  • El copo de nieve: «copo» can be translated as «flake«, and you already know that «nieve» means «snow«. «Copo de nieve» can be literally translated as «flake of snow».
    • Cae un copo de nieve. –A snowflake falls.
  • Nevar: This one is a verb! It means «to snow«. We haven learned how to conjugate verbs in Spanish here, and this one is specially tricky to conjugate, so we won’t go there yet. All in due time. For now, only remembering the word is fine!
    • ¡Nieva! –It snows!
  • El frío: «the cold«. There’s not much mistery here. We can use «frío» to talk about weather, food… anything that’s cold can be described as «frío». It can work as a noun and as an adjective.
    • Hace frío fuera. –It’s cold outside.
  • El muñeco de nieve: «the snowman«. Notice how the structure here is similar to «copo de nieve«? In Spanish, «muñeco» means «doll/dummy«, so… «Muñeco de nieve» literally translates to English as «doll of snow«
    • ¡Construye un muñeco de nieve! –Build a snowman!

A few extra words…

  • El trineo – the sled.
  • El hielo – the ice.
  • Esquiar – to sky.
  • La ventisca – the blizzard.
  • La avalancha – the avalanche.

That’s it for today! We will start learning about sentence structure soon, so you will be able to practice building sentences with this vocabulary.

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

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